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CorrectPhoto Features
iCorrect OneClick Color Correction Technology
Color Correction Technology by PictoColor®

Emily-Original-no color correction Emily-OneClick Color Correction
Original Photo-Camera Color OneClick Color Correction
Emily-OneClick Black & White Emily-OneClick Sepia Tone
OneClick Black & White OneClick Sepia Tone
CorrectPhoto is the Easy Photo Editor with
OneClick Color Correction
CorrectPhoto before/after-01
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CorrectPhoto before/after 02
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CorrectPhoto before/after 04
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"Next to my camera, CorrectPhoto is the most useful tool in my photography kit."
Heather V., Apple Valley, MN writes about her first experience with CorrectPhoto. >More<

CorrectPhoto is Easy & Fast

Turn an average snapshot into a great photo in seconds. With CorrectPhoto is easy and fun! Now you don't have to learn complicated editing software to create stunning photos. It is so easy anyone can use it. Why not try it for yourself?

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 Professional Results With OneClick
Fix Color with OneClick--Crop, Resize, and Sharpen Photos
Fix Red Eye and Create Stunning
Black and White and Sepia Photos with OneClick.

CorrectPhoto Easy to use Photo Editing Tools 

CorrectPhoto's Easy To Use Photo Editing Tools

Check out the CorrectPhoto Blog, www.correctmyphotos.com

Turn a dull picture into an Audubon masterpiece in seconds!
Crop and OneClick Color

Look like a pro! No experience necessary with CorrectPhoto Photo Editor

Learn How to Create Great Nature Pictures with CorrectPhoto

CorrectPhoto Example-Original photo

CorrectPhoto Example-Landscape Crop-OneClick Color

Blue Heron Photo Resolution

Above: Blue Heron Photo Before Editing
Resolution: 2592x1944

Above: Cropped and Color Corrected with CorrectPhoto. (Landscape 4x6)
Resolution: 2592x1732

Right: Cropped and Color Corrected with CorrectPhoto. (Portrait 4 x 6)
Resolution: 1728x2592

(Examples Titled with ImageTitler)
CorrectPhoto Example-Portrait Crop-OneClick 

From JW Parker, Tampa, FL, Commercial Photographer
"(CorrectPhoto)-an outstanding program. I will certainly recommend it to people who ask about editing pictures.  I am hesitant to recommend Photoshop because of the expense and the steep learning curve. Thank you for a solid contribution to my ability to earn a living.

From Snapshot To GreatShot

Do your digital pictures look like this?

When they could look like this »
in seconds?

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Emily Original-Before CorrectPhoto 

You can turn this snapshot into a great picture in a few simple steps.

  1. Crop  to size with selectable formats (i.e 4x6 portrait)

  2. Fix Color with OneClick

  3. Resize to upload to website or social network

Emily Portrait-Created with CorrectPhoto and ImageTitler

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CorrectPhoto-The Digital Photo Editing Software that is Fun to Use

CorrectPhoto takes the guess work out of color correction. With PictoColor's OneClick Color Correction Technology you will actually enjoy making the color right.



Check out the CorrectPhoto Blog, www.correctmyphotos.com